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Cleaning and COVID

The following is a list of the steps that I take when producing cottage foods for sale.

I have specific steps for COVID time noted as [COVID specific].

I am food safety certified from the following programs:

As informed by training/certification and

  1. Ask roommates to stay out of the kitchen

  2. Put on mask [COVID specific]

  3. Wash hands (soap and water, 20 seconds, dry on not used before clean cloth towel or single use paper towel)

  4. Make bleach sanitizing solution (1TBS/gallon = 200ppm)

  5. Gather all utensils, ingredients, and clean cloth

  6. Use cloth to sanitize surfaces and let air dry

  7. Sanitize drying rack (minimum 10 minute soak time)

  8. Sanitize all utensils (including bowls, pans, spoons, etc)

  9. Let utensils air dry in sanitized rack

  10. While waiting for things to dry; sanitize outside of all ingredient holders (jars of flour, sugar, tins/jars/etc) and let air dry

  11. Sanitize all surfaces again making sure to get oven handles and controls

  12. Wash hands again (same as above)

  13. Begin crust making (or other first part of baking project)

  14. Finish crust making, let rest on counter where things are sanitized

  15. Place used dishes in designated (but also sanitized) spot for washing later

  16. Wash hands again (same as above)

  17. Make pie filling (or other second part of baking project) and let sit in sanitized counter work space

  18. Repeat 15-17 as needed for more complex projects

  19. Turn on oven - be glad you sanitized it earlier (sanitize again if in question)

  20. Wash hands again - just in case it wasn’t fully sanitized (same as above)

  21. Roll out crust and place in sanitized pie pan

  22. Fill crust with filling (place empty bowls/utensils in dirty dish area)

  23. Wash hands (same as above)

  24. Open oven - be glad you sanitized it earlier

  25. Put pie(s) in oven (no burns here!)

  26. Let pies cook while washing all dishes and surfaces

    1. First scraping any food residue off of dishes

    2. Washing with soap and water

    3. Rinsing with water

    4. Sanitize in bleach solution (for a minimum of 10 minutes)

    5. Let air dry

  27. The mask can come off now [COVID specific]

  28. Let pie(s) cool in oven (where it is clean and away from possible contamination from roommates) [COVID specific] {Sort of, usually I’ll let them cool on the counter while loosely covered OR if the roommates are gone and I’m going to be around then uncovered provided that I’m not in the kitchen}

  29. *Time passes* The pies are now cool

  30. Put on mask [COVID specific]

  31. Wash hands (same as above)

  32. Make new bleach sanitizing solution (because it’s been more than 4 hours since the last one was made probably)     OR use bleach wipes if available

  33. Sanitize counters and “the path to packaging supplies”

  34. Gather packaging supplies (Stored in sealed containers as they were received)

  35. Wash hands again, put on single use food-grade gloves

  36. Remove pie(s) one at a time from the oven (using clean, dry, towels or hotpads) and place in new plastic bag, seal bag

  37. Affix labels to outside of package

  38. Remove gloves and discard

  39. IF pick-up: Place in bin outside -making sure I’ve sanitized any door handles I’ll be touching [COVID specific]

  40. IF delivery: Place in sanitized carrier (bag or box) with gloves and hand sanitizer. Upon arrival at destination, use hand sanitizer, put on gloves, make delivery [COVID specific]

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