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What is Locally Focused Pie?

Buying from locally focused businesses involves you in the local community. Locally sourcing encourages a deeper understanding of how ingredients are harvested/made/grown. This helps build sustainable practices that support and are a part of the local economy. When you buy from this locally focused businesses you are involving yourself in and supporting Colorado’s incredible food economy.

Thank you! 💜

Local Food Organizations
6_21_22_CGC Logo with Watershed Black(1)
Colorado Grain Chain

As a member of the COGC Renee uses locally grown and milled grains in her baking. The COGC aims to encourage the growing, milling, malting, baking, and consuming of Colorado grown grains.

Colorado Proud

Colorado Proud is the largest and most in-depth database of its kind featuring a diverse community of food-related businesses: buyers, farmers/ranchers, fisheries, farmers markets, processors/packers, wineries, restaurants and more.

Local Food Producers/Growers
Flour / Grains

Renee uses wheat flour from Moxie Milling that is grown and/or milled here in Colorado. Some of the flour comes from Kansas’ Heartland Mills which is closer geographically than some parts of Colorado!

St Michael's Farm Logo.png

Honey is from St. Michael's Farms here in Fort Collins, or from a friend who has a few beehives and too much honey near Boulder, CO.


Apple are hyper-locally sourced from trees in Fort Collins and picked by Renee (and some helpers). If you have an over abundant apple tree Renee would love to trade you pie for apples

EP Greens Logo.jpg
Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices are from EP Greens (Estes Park), or Savory Spice (Fort Collins Shop, based in Denver)

Savory Spice Logo.png
C&R Farms Logo.jpg
Peaches and Pears

Peaches and Pears come from C&R Farms located in Palisade, CO.

Renee Rhubarb.jpg

Rhubarb is hyper-locally sourced from gardens in the Fort Collins area (and harvested by Renee and helpers). If you have an excess of Rhubarb please let Renee know!

 If you know a local source for butter please let Renee know!       


Whenever there are other ingredient needs Renee aims for local whenever possible.

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