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Fresh Monthly Pie!

Each Pie of the Month for 2023. In order: Fire Cider Apple with Millet Topping Pie	Vanilla Black tea Strawberry Rose Muffin-top Pie	Beer infused Caramel Apple Pie	Blackberry Sage Pie	Blueberry-Lavender with a Lemon Crumb topping Pie	Rhubarb Berry Pie 	Cherry Rosemary Balsamic Pie	Peach Pie	Crabapple Rose Pie	Pear and Gruyere Pie	Apple Cranberry Raspberry with Almond Crumb Topping Pie	Churro Chocolate Chess Pie

A fresh and uniquely flavored pie delivered to your door every month!

Large (9 inch pie) - $315

Small (6 inch pie) - $170

 Delivery Included!*

Further Details and Choices:


  • Every month (12 pies) OR Alternate months (6 pies)

  • Pies are usually ready by the second week of the month (generally within the first 10 days).

  • An e-mail is sent telling you about the pie on the 1st of the month.


  • Large (9 inch, standard)

  • Small (6 inch, half size, perfect for 1-2 people)

  • Pick whichever size suits you best

  • Able to upgrade size for a discounted rate on a month by month basis



  • Glass/Reusable (yearly $3 fee)

  • Disposable (aluminum, no additional fee)

  • Glass Pans are exchanged monthly when you receive your new pie

    •  All pans are (re)washed and sanitized before (re)use

    • Glass pans help with sustainability and cook a better pie


  • Seasonally Motivated

  • For the Adventurous Eater

    • Baker’s Choice - every month is different and there will be no repeats in a calendar year

    • Customer favorites from years past include: Pear Maple Ginger, Blue&Blackberry Jalapeno, Blackberry Sage, Colorado Peach, and Beer Infused Caramel Apple​

  • For the Classic Pie enthusiast: A rotating selection highlighting one or two fruit flavors

    • Examples include: Blueberry, Spiced Apple, Colorado Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb​

  • Pies are generally fruit-based and use as much local produce as possible fruits

  • Only interested in some flavors? Sign up for my monthly newsletter and opt-in whenever a flavor sparks your fancy!


  • Get a discount and Pick up from Renee’s Kitchen in Fort Collins, or at a Farmers' Market in the summer

  • Delivery (Included in price!)

    • Fort Collins Delivery included in base price

    • Windsor & Wellington available for additional charge

    • Pick up from Orion's Apothecary in Loveland for no additional charge!

    • Want a delivery somewhere else? Email me and we'll see what we can work out


  • Yearly payments via: Cash, Venmo, or Credit Card

  • Monthly payments via credit card accepted (Large - $26.50 / Small - $14.50)

  • Renewal discounts available!


  • Rolling sign ups let you begin in the month of your choosing - sign up by the 1st of the month

  • Opt-in monthly deadlines in my newsletter

  • Pies are delivered in the first two weeks of the month - generally within the first 10 days

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