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Fresh Monthly Pie!

Monthly Pie Subscription
Details and Choices

Frequency: Every month (12 pies) OR Alternate months (6 pies)
-Pies are usually ready by the second week of the month (generally within the first 10 days). An e-mail is sent telling you about the pie on the 1st of the month.

Size: Large (9 inch) OR Small (6 inch)

-Pick whichever size suits you best


Pan: Glass/Reusable (one-time $3 fee) OR Disposable (aluminum, no additional fee)

-Glass Pans are exchanged monthly when you receive your new pie, they are (re)washed and sanitized before (re)use

Fulfillment: Pick up (no charge, from Renee’s Kitchen) OR Delivery (One Charge for the whole subscription period)
-Delivery in Fort Collins available

Payment: Cash, Venmo, or Credit Card
- Cash and Venmo accepted as one yearly payment, credit cards accepted as one yearly payment or as monthly payments

Flavors: Seasonal, Baker’s Choice (Every month different, no repeats in a year)
- Pies are generally fruit-based and use seasonal fruits (local as often as possible), customer favorites from years past include: Pear Maple Ginger, Blueberry Rhubarb, Blackberry Sage, Colorado Peach, and Honey Apple Cinnamon

Deadlines: Pies are delivered in the first two weeks of the month, must sign up by the first of the month.

Pie Subscription 2024 A Pie Delivered Every Month: Large Pie (9in) $300/year or $26/Month Small Pie (6in) $160 or $14/Month Jan - Dec 2022  A Pie Every Other Month: Large Pie (9in) $150/year Small Pie (6in) $80/year 6 months of your choice  Optional: Reusable Glass Pie Pan: $3/year
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